Get To Know Me!

Welcome to the first blog post!

I am GirlinProgress and this blog will be filled with lots of advice on anything from beauty to life, all personal experiences and the tried and tested reviews, as well as guides to requested or trending topics.

Basically the blog name describes what you will read about in future posts, and that is my life in progress. At present I’m about to move to a different continent to study and work which is scary to some and absolutely terrifying to myself! I’m going to wright about all my lessons and my journey, and further more provide hacks, tips and tricks to how I survive. (Cue scared cries and fearing trembles)

Feel free to use my advice or not, or just read for fun in your spare time, I would be happy to share all of my life with my readers no matter how embarrassing I get.

I would also like the readers to feel free to post comments on their ideas or similar experiences they may have gone through. I look forward to reading them!

Wanderlustfully Yours, 

GirlinProgress 🔮



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